About Us

About Us

 Property consultants Julizar and Mahkota Property?

Julizar is property consultants or real estate property consultant specialists. We served and assist clients and enable them to achieve the most effective results. Get the most economically when it comes and uses the services of the Mahkota Property as the parent company of Julizar.com

We have a solid team of property consultants as well as solid experienced more than 12 years in Jakarta as property agents and property consultants. Every year Julizar.com and Mahkota Property always get and exclusive projects from property developers. Our assessment expertise and regional presence in the world of national property gave us the most up-to-date information on the national property market to give advice on every aspect of the property affordablity.

Our proactive team helps clients develop strategies for land and buildings, to improve asset management portfolio and to reduce risk. We bring new and innovative approaches to funding and investment.

We can negotiate and give advice to each transaction from our agency team for the development of residential and business transfer plan obligations and pre-sales.

Our services include:

  • Market appraisal
  • Agreements and planning
  • Marketing Agency
  • Asset management
  • Financial Service
  • Transaction

Contact us here if you are interested in using the services of Mahkota Property.

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