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JULIZAR GROUP was founded by Mr. Julizar, SE., MM. The organization is an outgrowth of a talk that JULIZAR has been giving for the past 17 years on the history of property services in Indonesia. This talk forms the basis of the studies and services provided by him.

JULIZAR services works to challenge the dominant narrative of services founding, demonstrating how the result has led to persistent and abiding business grow, and promoting solution, research and studies, and securities crowdfunding.

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Securities crowdfunding is when a business raises funds by issuing debt securities (such as bonds) or securities giving the right to participate in future profits (such as shares). In issuing securities offered to the public is subject to legal and financial obligations.


A real estate consultant provides expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop property. Our team consultants generally work with commercial real estate investors.


We ultimately found a great house in a great location. We can’t wait to make it a home. Everyone that we have interacted with was polite, timely, and transparent.

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