Rising to challenges building management  and capitalizing on real estate opportunities

Julizar.com and Mahkota Property are a recognized building management  consulting services in Indonesia. We are the market leader in providing consulting services, investment and real estate management companies for commercial and residential real estate industries. On the investment management, regardless of whether you are in private equity, hedge funds or mutual funds, Julizar.com and Mahkota Property is the best company for your investment management services.

We can help you take on challenges and capitalize on opportunities by providing knowledge and insights into a wide range of operational, technological and regulatory issues hitting the industry today. When it comes to the real estate market and management as we as real estate consultancy, real estate service providers must continually evolve and adapt to keep up with market changes.

Julizar.com and Mahkota Property team with professionals supports a broad range of services, including real estate transformation and location strategy, business and property strategy, cost reduction, operational transformation, and more.

Real Estate offerings

  • Market Analytics
  • Infrastructure Transformation
  • Workplace strategies
  • Real estate and location strategy
  • Homebuilders, Developers and Land Owners
  • Real Estate Fund and Investor Services
  • Real Estate Management, Brokerage and Service Provider Services

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Building Management