Market Studies

As a leading market research services and solutions company, JULIZAR helps its clients across the Indonesia design competitive strategies based on in-depth customer and market understanding. We help our clients in identifying and leveraging growth opportunities through our effective market research strategy by ensuring maximum research coverage. With expertise in market intelligence and business strategy, we help businesses discover new opportunities.

What we offer

Market Intelligence

Analyze market trends that are driven by primary research and data analytics. Guided by advanced data analytics and data visualization capabilities, we integrate our market analysis services to assess market opportunities. Our market intelligence services help companies understand market demands and consumer opinions, become customer-centric, boost upselling opportunities, collect real-time relevant data, increase market share, reduce risks, and gain competitive advantage.

  • Proficiency in skilled application of primary research methodologies
  • Quantitative and qualitative market research approach utilizing primary and secondary research methodologies that help discover factors driving consumer behavior, benchmark business against competition, and assess disruptive products and technologies
  • Sector experts who understand precise particulars from underlying data, validate outcomes and produce actionable insights
  • Leading-edge data tabulation and visualization capabilities that accentuate interesting trends and patterns, and correlate with your target markets

Business strategy

  • Understand expansion options, examine domestic and overseas markets on the basis of our assessment of product fitment, and plan acquisition and collaboration strategies
  • Expert market research consultants help ingrain digitization into business strategy, identify gaps, understand customers, and boost revenue with the latest technologies
  • Assessment of sales and marketing strategy to enhance the integration of teams and harness the power of automation for increasing substantial efficiencies of current processes
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