Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia: Number 1

Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia

Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia, you need it before coming to Jakarta, you will fallen in love with this country. Once you arrive and start living life for a while, your love it.

It’s no wonder that many foreigners from different parts of the world decide to invest in property and buy properties they like. If you are interested in buying property in Jakarta or other city such as Bali, you must be aware of the system and legal requirements. The process may be quite challenging and need to hire a consulting company or a professional consultant is highly recommended to do Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia.

Company Registration for Property Purchase

To be able to buy property in Bali safely, you can choose from two available options.

  1. Establishing a foreign company: allows you to obtain building rights or building use rights.
  2. If you don’t want to do so, you can still invest in property by signing a Special Purpose Agreement.

JULIZAR CONSULTING provides services to ensure a smooth process when buying a property. Apart from providing assistance regarding the establishment of a company, we also offer other services related to purchasing property in Bali, as listed below. You can also learn about important things to know before buying a property.

Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia

The first step in carrying out an estate due diligence is gathering the required information and documents from the seller for review. Then your Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia will di in-depth screening, auditing and investigations will be carried out to assess the credibility of the seller from whom you will buy the estate or property.

In general, estate due diligence consists of:

  • Land Permit Validation

This is done to ensure the land permit is relevant for purchase purposes. Buyers are also responsible for validating permits and knowing whether permits have certain restrictions and obligations.

  • Land Search and Land Ownership Examination

Land ownership checks are conducted to ensure that the seller is the legal owner of the land and has the right to sell and transfer land ownership. If land is certified, more documents should be reviewed. As for land search, this is done to validate legal ownership and security rights or land claims.

  • Review the Agreement

All agreements related to land must be reviewed by the buyer and some of them are financing agreements and lease agreements.

  • Verify Seller Information

When the seller is an entity, the buyer must examine and verify the articles of association, authorized representatives, related transactions and corporate documents. When the seller is an individual, the buyer must know the length of the seller’s marital status, and the validity of the estate.

  • Others

Other documents that are also included in the estate due diligence include proof of tax payment and zoning confirmation, spatial layout and land map. In-person visits and interviews with interested parties may also be required.

Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia

Why Hiring Expert Services to Buy Property in Indonesia?

Foreigners used to have very limited opportunities to own real estate or property in Indonesia. However, now that the law has been revised and with the help of the right real estate agent, estate ownership for foreigners has become much easier.

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Currently, with the Right to Use foreigners can own property in Indonesia for up to 80 years. In addition, foreigners can own multi-storey flats in various regions in Indonesia. This is why property expert can be of great help to ensure a successful property purchase.

JULIZAR as Due Diligence Service Consultant Property in Indonesia

JULIZAR is one of the largest Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia and business advisory providers in Indonesia. Serving companies and individuals from all over the world, JULIZAR provides insights, services and technology that will help your business achieve success.

Our due diligence service provides detailed and factual reports so you will know exactly which entity or individual you will be dealing with. Apart from that, JULIZAR can also become your property agent in Indonesia by performing accurate property valuations, inspections and validations, so that you get the best return on your investment. Contact us now by filling out the form below. We’re here to help.

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Property Lease Agreement

To rent a property in Indonesia, you need to prepare a legally binding agreement between the tenant and the landlord or property owner, which is known as a property rental agreement. Specific terms and conditions are underlined and clearly stated in the contract to mitigate legal risks. Therefore, your Due Diligence Consultant In Indonesia can provide property rental agreements must be carefully prepared and drafted. Drawing up a legal agreement requires specific knowledge. Our legal agreement service, provided by legal specialists, is just what you need before proceeding further into property leasing