Business consulting property leasing and rental management

Good research from well experience property consultant and management as well as adequate expertise on real estate. We can find perfect and the right tenants for your homes, apartments and offices are  that will be hard. For more than 6 years, and the Mahkotan Property  and have committed to serve and provide professional services to rent out property successfully.

Mahkotan Property and stay abreast of current trends with modern marketing method. The availability database to find the right tenant and a comfortable working environment. We dont want to wasted very valuable time, just do your business and lets Mahkotan Property manage all your properties. In addition, our staff have been educated with the latest knowledge and changes to the rules and regulations of real estate. and the Mahkotan Property has an office in Jakarta. Being a professional real estate agent with a member of AREBI. With knowledge of the area, plus our mission to meet your needs, you can be sure that with the Mahkota Property will provide you the best services.

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