Pre-Feasibility Studies

Our prefeasibility study project advisory services are based on preliminary feasibility studies that enable us to develop a clear understanding of project viability by looking at financial performance, market standing, and model development. Detailed feasibility analysis is conducted once our clients show a willingness to move forward. By leveraging social impact analysis and risk assessment, we assess the practicality of your project to help you make an informed decision.


The specific rules and regulations, concepts and financial particularities in real estate and tourism make it very difficult for non-hospitality consultants to create accurate feasibility studies. Delays are also expected to arise when non-specialists undertake such projects.

Our solution:

Our management consultancy arm has over 15 years’ experience in delivering projects in the property development, hotel and hospitality sector. With the experience of client-side experience within our skills base, we are able to guide clients through the entire feasibility process.

 There are two main versions of this product we offer:

  • pre-feasibility | profit & loss statement, short market review & asset valuation
  • full feasibility study 

The main project types are:

  • New apartment and office tower
  • Landed residential development
  • Shopping center and commercial
  • Mix-used development
  • new hotel & resort development
  • conversions of existing hotels and other real estate
  • partly completed hotel & real estate
  • re-financing of hotels & resorts as well as other asset classes
What should be prepared feasibility study report

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