Property Consultant Company In Jakarta Indonesia

Market Research Indonesia

Property Consultant Company In Jakarta Indonesia. We provide comprehensive advice to large, medium, medium scale companies and government institutions including SOEs.

What we do:

Our expertise:

  • Hotel consultant
  • Apartment
  • Residential
  • Industrial estate
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacture

Our clients consist of local, multinational and government companies. Our goal is to provide clients with market understanding that will help them achieve sustainable and profitable growth in Indonesia. Our recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of various aspects of the Indonesian market. Our research team consists of experienced local consultants from various local and international educational and experience backgrounds.

Our consultants are meticulous in their work, savvy and culturally versed in analyzing facts gathered directly from customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, industry associations, competitors and government officials. We value transparency because it keeps our analysis accurate and unbiased so that our clients are happy.

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