The Best Property Consultants in Indonesia

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The Best Property Consultants in Indonesia. There are indeed quite a lot of Property Consultants in Indonesia. In property business, quite a lot has been developed by Indonesian entrepreneurs. The reason is clear that the property business is a service needed by many people, both ordinary and high-class people. As we know, one of the property businesses developed by many entrepreneurs is housing or houses. Even though there are buildings, warehouses, or even real estate and many more related to the property business. And the house is one of the basic needs that must be owned by everyone to shelter from rain and heat.

So that there are many property entrepreneurs who are now the best property experts in Indonesia. For people who want to build a residence and other properties such as buildings, real estate, etc., they really need a property consultant. Because they have a fairly important role, namely they will provide the best advice and input. In addition, a property consultant will assist with advocacy, analysis, reporting and other property strategies. Especially for contractors or housing entrepreneurs who want to build housing, they need the best Indonesian property experts. So that the developed business can work well for many people.

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The Role of a Property Consultant

Property is one of the secondary human needs. Namely in the form of houses, land, real estate, apartments, shops and others that are residential or livable. This type of investment is considered very promising and attracts the interest of capital owners. The selling price every year never sags, even more soaring.

However, unlike a product or service business, there are several aspects that must be observed from this business. Not only attracting consumers or investors, you also need to know about land, building permits, types of materials, environmental conditions to matters relating to competition.

Are you able to run everything yourself? You can, but the most important thing is assistance through property consultant services. Because this is not a trivial business, with capital and big risks, it is necessary to implement a strategy so that it penetrates the target and advances in the midst of competition.

4 Duties of Property Consulting Services

Property consultants will guide clients to find out which real estate can last in the long term and be profitable. It is run by a company or group. In practice, they do research in advance about the location, permits to the environment which concerns the community, culture and surrounding conditions.

So besides that, what are the duties of a property consultant service. Here’s the review!

  • Give Recommendations

Property consulting services try to provide recommendations for prospective clients. They analyze what properties should be built and provide high profits.

In addition, companies also need to prepare a resume including work experience, track record and achievements that have been achieved. Usually, the first time prospective clients see about the performance summary and job description, to then reconsider.

  • Conduct research

Everything must start from research and observation. Moreover, property is a risky thing and really deserves further study, because it includes many considerations. On the other hand, this also relates to long-term investments, so it’s worth looking at in detail.

The job of a property consultant is to closely monitor available real estate. They keep abreast of market trends, demographics and other information that influences the buying and selling process. In addition, always up to date on market prices to make it easier for clients to utilize their assets.

  • Build relationships

Every business needs relationships and communication. Scattered links facilitate the process of research and search for the right land. In addition, this method is also profitable for the investors themselves to market real estate either for rent or resale.

Property consultants serve clients by asking about their needs, what they like and don’t like, answering all questions about the buying process and providing solutions to financial problems. All of these tasks require broad connections to speed things up and get things done.

  • Handle documents

The client has the right to ask the consultant various questions and assignments. Of course they want the best, so it’s only natural that everything related to the buying and selling of real estate is delegated.

Of the many tasks given, one of the obligations of the property consultant is to record everything in a transparent system that can also be seen by the client. Furthermore, they also prepare the documents involved in the process, both regarding legality and buy and sell.

Property Consultants need good intrapersonal skills. Their ability to listen and ask questions can make all the differences easy to understand to build customer satisfaction. Other qualities that need to be possessed are clear communication to understand information, effective negotiation in solving problems and reaching agreements and clever in calculations that aim to provide a financial picture.

2 main things that Property Consultants do at the pre-planning stage.

  • First: Land Optimization Study (HBU/Highest and Best Use Analysis). You ask a consultant to make HBU because you don’t know what to do. Hotels or malls or hotels mixed with malls. Make housing or duck cages. Build ruko (shop houses) or rupet (row houses). The consultant conducts a study to choose the best 3-5 alternatives based on many parameters (market will, capital, licensing, technical suitability, aesthetics, profitability). After you feel there is one that is the best, the consultant will make sharpenings.
  • Second, to make a feasibility study (FS)/feasibility study. This is only done if you are sure that you only want to build something, for example a medium-sized housing with a hi-tech concept. The consultant will assess whether your dream is true. If it is appropriate, it will suggest to you things for implementation to make it more stable. If it is “not feasible” the reasons will be given, but the replacement will not be suggested. They just said “not worth it”.

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