What should be prepared feasibility study report? 4 Tips

What should be prepared feasibility study report

What should be prepared feasibility study report? Feasibility study services for a business or project activity must involve many parties who have a variety of different interests, such as investors as the initiator, banks as credit providers, and the government that provides legal and legislation facilities.

Investors have an interest in finding out the level of profit from investment, the bank is interested in knowing the level of credit security provided and the smooth return, the government is more focused on the benefits of the investment both for the economy, equitable employment opportunities, and others.

Considering that future conditions are met with uncertainty again we recommend you to consider what should be prepared feasibility study report. Certain considerations are needed in starting a business, where the basis of these considerations can be obtained through a study of various aspects of the feasibility of a business to be carried out, so that what should be prepared feasibility study report for the results of the study used to decide whether the project or business should be worth working or postponed or even canceled.

The feasibility study will involve many teams from various experts in accordance with their respective fields or aspects such as economists, law, psychologists, accountants, technological engineering and other professional fields.

As we all know that the success or failure of a business or project is very dependent on whether or not the study of business fingers is carried out. Thus the importance of an excessive study is carried out before the business is carried out. Why , this is because a business feasibility study is a research report on whether or not a business is carried out successfully with the consideration of getting financial benefits.

Business Feasibility Study can be addressed as a study of the success of the business or investment project is carried out profitable such the employment, utilization of resource excesses, foreign exchange savings, and business opportunities.

What should be prepared feasibility study report?

  • Legal aspects or legality.
  • Social, economic and cultural aspects
  • Market and marketing aspects.
  • Technical and technological aspects.
  • Organizational and management aspects.
  • Feasibility of financial aspects.

Legal aspects/legality

Regarding all the legality of the business plan that we will carry out which includes the applicable legal provisions including:

  • Location permission
  • Deed of establishment of a company from a local notary or other legal entity.
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Business Place Permit from the Local Government
  • Partner certificate from the local government
  • Local Business license

Socioeconomic and cultural

Regarding the impact given to the surrounding community because of the existence of a business activity, including:

  • Culture, what is the impact of business on community life, local customary habits, and others.
  • Economic, how much the level of income per capita of the population, whether the project can change or actually reduce income per capita local population, national income or the average wage of local labor.
  • Social, whether the business, it becomes more crowded, traffic is smoother, the existence of communication paths, electricity lighting and others, local community education and to get it all is with interviews, questionnaires, documents, and others. To see whether a project is feasible or not done by comparing the wishes of investors or parties related to the data sources collected.

Market and marketing

This aspect concerns whether there are market opportunities for products that will be produced by the business activities, by looking at the following:

  • Market potential
  • The number of potential consumers
  • Population development/growth
  • Purchasing power, the ability of consumers in order to buy goods includes behavior, habits, consumer preferences, tendencies of past demand, etc.
  • Marketing, concerning the strategy used to reach part of the potential market or market or how much influence the strategy is in achieving the amount of market share.

Technical and technological

Regarding the selection of locations, tools which are in accordance with the desired results, lay out, and the selection of appropriate technology.

Organizational and management

Concerning management responsible for the operational process of development. Organizational aspects can exert influence in the error-inducing environment, such as managerial systems adopted, distribution of responsibilities, people’s decision-making power, compatibility of the assignment of activities and positions, policies and organizational practices. The organizational culture has a great influence on the Human Factors (source of the error-inducing environment).

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Before deciding the business and organizations have to consider what should be prepared feasibility study report to generate expectations and adopt symbols, colors, practices, standards, and values, besides their own history that in itself influences the error-inducing environment. In order for the organization to contribute to the reduction of the error-inducing environment, it needs to provide the means to permanently deal with issues stemming from the assignment of responsibilities, assignment of authority, supervision activity, sources of resources and cost indexing.

Other aspects to which the organization needs to maintain permanent attention are related to the level of commitment, the mechanisms of delegation of authority, the decision-making speed, the work shift scheme, the turnover of professionals and the imposition of policies and procedures.


Regarding to basic preparation for feasibility, things you have to know is what should be prepared feasibility study report and the source of funds to be obtained and the projection What should be prepared feasibility study report of the return with the level of capital costs and sources. A financial feasibility analysis examines the expenses of starting, operating, and maintaining the business; market and economic feasibility; expected return on investment (ROI); and expected liabilities.

Financial feasibility describes whether or not your project is fiscally viable. A financial feasibility report includes a cost/benefit analysis of the project. Now What should be prepared feasibility study report and the forecasts an expected return on investment (ROI), as well as outlines any financial risks. The goal at the end of the financial feasibility study is to understand the economic benefits the project will drive.

Benefits of Business Feasibility Studies

  • Financial benefits
  • National economic benefits
  • Social benefits

Business feasibility studies are carried out depending on the following factors:

  • The size of the investment fund
  • Business uncertainty
  • The complexity of the variables that have an influential variable

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